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With A1 Best Services as your care-giving agency, we feel that you will be provided with the best home care services in the industry. Have you ever needed a ride to the grocery store, pharmacist, or doctor’s office? Have you ever wanted to go to a movie or your favorite restaurant but had no one to accompany you? A1 Best Services can help.

Care-giving Services and Errands:

We offer a full range of homecare services performed by our caregivers. They include, but are not limited to:

• restrictions are adhered to.

• Assisting with oral hygiene:A caregiver may assist in and perform mouth care. This may include denture care and basic oral hygiene.

• Transferring and positioning patients: A caregiver may assist with positioning and

transferring the client as needed.

• Running errands (prescription pick-up, etc.):Assistance in completing activities, picking up medication, grocery shopping, appointments, etc.

• Organizing, shipping, and reading mail: A caregiver can assist with post office trips, opening mail and reading mail as needed.

• Escorting to doctor appointments: We will assist with Visits to the doctor’s office and dropping off/picking up prescriptions.

• Entertaining (games, crafts, etc.): A caregiver can keep the client entertained with games, crafts, going to the movies, restaurants etc.

• Reminding (medication, dates, etc.): We can assist with reminding the client of the dates, appointments, medication and all pertinent information.

• Assisting with walking: A nice walk may be needed by the client or just to get fresh air, we can assist with this.

• Performing cleaning and housekeeping services: We can assist with housekeeping, laundry and cleaning.

• Assistance with pet care: We will assist with pet care, walks, grooming and feedings as needed.


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Since 2010, A1 BEST SERVICES has been serving customers nationwide with top quality senior care.

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